The Never Again Generation: Bullets Versus Social Media by Mark Bareta, BARA

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The Never Again Generation provides a valuable window on information assurance about not just the Anglophone crisis but also a live account from a key actor and activist of Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia quest for independence.  The author covers all the necessary components of the revolution starting from detecting the factors that sparked the beginning of the revolution by the lawyers and teachers strike in October 2016, internet blockage, Government crackdown and the demand for total restoration as the only outcome acceptable to Anglophones now called Ambazonians.
The author engages his readers in an interactive examination of the various steps albeit cosmetic taken by the government to calm down the crisis and not to resolve it as demonstrated by announcement of recruitment of 1,000 bilingual science teachers, award of 2billion FCFA worth of subsidies to lay private and mission schools, announcement of the creation of Common Law sections in some state universities.

Dr. David Makongo (Ph.D, LLM, JD, LLB),
Philanthropist, Expert Negotiator, International Legal Consultant

The Unrefined History of Southern Cameroons

The Unrefined History of Southern Cameroons by Emmanuel Neba-Fuh
According to concealed documents in the Élysée and Unity Palaces, the independence day of Southern Cameroons is Friday 1st January 1960 and not 1st Oct  Get full details in “The Unrefined History of Southern Cameroons” by Emmanuel Neba-Fuh

WOES OF WOMANHOOD: An African Experience by Stella Nana-Fabu

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In my humble opinion, it is this scientific and positivist direction that “Madame Professeur” Stella NANA-FABU adopts in this study. In her other multiple works, scientific articles in particular, and above all in her book “The Feminization of Poverty in Cameroon”, (Yaoundé Clé, 2009); this brilliant sociologist gratified the scientific community with her salient analyses on the necessity to reduce or to eradicate poverty that is currently plaguing women in Cameroon; women whose socio-economic needs are as a matter of fact identical to or at least parallel to those of all human beings.

A mon humble avis, c’est d’une direction scientifique positiviste que tentent d’épouser les travaux de madame professeur Stella NANA-FABU. dans ses multiples réflexions antérieures, en particulier des articles scientifiques et surtout l’ouvrage The Feminization of Poverty in Cameroon (Yaoundé, Clé, 2009), cette brillante sociologue a gratifié la communauté scientifique de  remarquables analyses sur la nécessité de la réduction, à défaut de l’éradication, de la pauvreté chez les femmes camerounaises dont les besoins socioéconomiques sont, sinon identiques du moins parallèles à ceux de tous les êtres humains. 

Valentin NGA NDONGO, (Professor of Sociology)

Sociologue, Professeur des Universités