In this thematically fragmented collection, Ernest VEYU depicts the turmoil of existence in a world whose bearing is the promise of a fractured vision. Aware of this, but also of certain inevitabilities like living, aging, and death, the poet clings to his spiritual hub, even with its controversial nuances. More secular and topical than its predecessor, Woman: A Collection of Poems, and while complementing the guarded sensuality of the first collection, Fragments typifies a mosaic consciousness that is anchored to the convictions of a militant spirit. In Veyu’s poetry, partly based on the simplicity of a hymnal voice, we have echoes of John Donne, but without the self-conscious rendering of earthly and transcendental spaces. This realism, depicted through a casual but insightful voice, is a redeeming virtue against the insidious constituency of the poet’s engagement.

Mbuh Tennu