Lamentation For A Beloved Country (Hardcover - Jacket) by Peter Essoka

When I read through this compendium of reflections, I see in all of it a constructive critical x-ray of a blessed Nation that has undergone systematic degradation. Cameroon is a Nation blessed with a variety of natural and quality human resources. On the overall, some Cameroonians are peace-loving, law-abiding, patriotic and could even be termed God-fearing. But what accounts for the very high degree of poverty, corruption, bribery, embezzlement, multi-party electoral fraud, unemployment and decadence in all its forms? All of us Cameroonians are responsible for this brazen sad situation. We do not assume our roles and responsibilities adequately and we blame our situation on others. The Universal Church on whom we ought to count does not seem to be helping the situation either. Unspeakable indeed!

Nico Halle
International Legal Consultant
B.P. 4876 Douala - Cameroon