THE MWALIMU'S READER (Hardcover - Jacket) by Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban

In a postcolonial context where journalists are required to COVER and not to UNCOVER stories; in a totalitarian propagandist context where praise-singing is the validated form of journalism; in a society where the profession of journalism has been adulterated by dim-witted hoodwink, here comes a collection of journalistic essays in which Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban shows his continual effort to take bold steps against the tides. For those who are familiar with his personal story, briefly narrated in some part of this work, the price for such audacious crossing of the lines of press censorship has been moments behind prison bars. Yet, the Mwalimu believes in a philosophy that censorship begins with the journalist’s own self-censorship. When the journalist is unable to critically analyze a situation, or objectively take a ‘right’ position or speak out bitter truths in the face of the perpetrators of evil, he/she turns to praise-singing journalism. For, as he says, in journalism “he who does not dare does not win” (1). The Mwalimu dared, and won without leaving the comfort of his country for self-exile as has been the case with most of his ‘stubborn’ pals.

Oscar Labang (PhD)
Publisher, Writer & Critic