THE MWALIMU'S READER (Paperback) by Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban

This book puts together for the first time on print selected write ups which were aired on the seminal radio programme “Cameroon Calling” between 2002-2006. These articles, enunciated with intellect, dissect imperative political and cultural issues in Cameroon and beyond, placing Johnnie MacViban at the forefront of political and cultural commentary. His forte is exposed in a memorable medley of over forty pieces which discuss issues and people such as elections, terrorism, cinema, the Congo, oil and geopolitics, democracy, art, journalism, economics, Manu Dibango and Bate Besong, and above all, the book confirms Salman Rushdie’s piece from Index on Censorship, in which he opines that “What one writer can make in the solitude of one room is something no power can easily destroy.”

Bakwa Magazine