STAND UP! BE STRONG! DON'T QUIT (Hardcover - Jacket) by Peter Essoka

… His daily reminders and lessons reach an unimaginable number of people. His reflections that have gone on for years have not only been of use to me. I have used them to discuss with my family during our daily devotions. I am convinced that I am not the only one appreciating his efforts. Peter, I believe, has touched many other souls with his reflections.

Ngafesson Emmanuel
… How does he do it? For as long as I have known this man, his life is a living testimony of giving and service. A self-effacing mettle of inner strength, of purposeful living and of deep concern for humanity, this man leaves no one indifferent. Eloquently polished in his expression, purposefully particular in his choice of words, Uncle P is a remarkably effective communicator.
Gladys Shang Viban