THINKING ALOUD by Reynolds Jim Gemuh

Thinking Aloud is such a welcome introspection by Gemuh Reynolds about not only the issues that plague today’s society but also about societal institutions in the centre of some of these issues. In the face of globalization, homosexuality, increased in education, corruption and sex trade among others, what is the place of the youth in the society? Is Africa moving forward or backward? Is God part of our lives or a passing fancy? Gemuh makes us look within ourselves and not only others as we are wont to do. Are we part of societal problem or solution? This is a philosophical read which I will recommend to both youths and adults. - (Dr Elvira Meoto Epse - University of Buea) “Thinking Aloud” is a surprisingly rich write-up with a prophetic message that surpasses its pages and scope. As I see it, after savouring the riches of these pages, one cannot but reach this conclusion: There is so much that needs to be said that is unfortunately left unsaid. And there is so much that needs to be left unsaid that is unfortunately said. Yet it would seem that we are all at a loss as regards this distinction. Luckily, there are dynamic people like Reynolds N. Jims Gemuh who represent a welcome counter indication. In putting down these compelling reflections under the apt title “Thinking Aloud”; Reynolds praises the creator God for making intellectual curiosity native to the human race. In this way, he attests even if unknowingly - to the veracity of Sacred Scripture when it teaches that young people are strong, the word of God lives in them and they have overcome the evil one (cf 1 John 2:14). Who would not want to be part of a great revolution like this that is taking place before our own very eyes? Who does not admire greatness? Who in fact does not want to be part of history? I pray that no one will commit the sin of omission of failing to read these provocative pages. And may the choicest blessings of heaven descent like the dew on every single reader of “Thinking Aloud” - (Fr Wilson NGEMA)