Alobwed’Epie’s, Patching the Broken Dream, stands out by its narrative techniques and treatment of contemporary burning issues on marriage and widowhood. It is a compelling story of the predicaments of a young woman whose dream of wellbeing is shattered by the tragic death of her husband. The reader finds himself/herself empathizing with her in the wrecked dream, and in the process of patching it up. The fears, promises, expectations and suspense keep the reader spell-bound till the last word is read.
Ernest L. Veyu., University of Yaounde 1

In Patching the Broken Dream, Alobwed’Epie dramatizes the resolve of a devastated youthful widow of three to uphold, at all costs, the nebulous dream of affluence she had nurtured with her husband. Although the story unfolds against an aura of the tragic death of her husband, the author skillfully delays its crescendo through the manifestation of amorous romance. And when at last he hits the epicenter, Diana finds herself hemmed by a plethora of challenges. Through anger and bitterness, frustration and pity, she builds her resilience, a forte she employs in leading her family in patching what remained of her shattered dreams with D.
Donatus Fai Tangem, University of Yaounde 1. Cameroon.