WEN MEN NTE by Eunice Ngongkum


Truth to tell, these are coolly evolved stories which glow with gentle lustre. Ponderously toned and telling to the human heart, these are tales that would shock onto death if unfeelingly blared out. Ngongkum is not strident here. Linguistic simplicity belies the chills of ricocheting culture-exploders- that duty to self overrides children, spouses, money, power and pleasure. Then for dissection come: what to do when heart-strung by callous ingratitude, the gripe of marital homes, injustice, marginalization, conventions with exhibitionism and political ambition- each weighed against genuine selfhood and then binned… Ehm, Umfern, Doloreen Mmbang and Matichi Abiensong erupt as unforgettable.
      A subdued, non-condemnatory motives-autopsy, Wen Men Nté is an evocative collection which exploits the interior monologue with dexterity. The mastery of the story elements is simply cute.

Ntangnyui Patrick Tata
Reader and Critic