ImagiNation: Theorizing the Nation in Postcolonial Anglophone Cameroon Poetry

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… The author brings together for the first time seven major anti-establishment Anglophone Cameroon poets who display a vivid sense of history and have a clear conception of their country and the way they want that country to go… Because all the seven poets are active participants in the drama of social and political change in Cameroon, each poet in his own way has examined the crisis of nationhood and proposed the methods by which Cameroon as a nation can be saved from the brink of perdition.

Kashim Ibrahim Tala (PhD)
Emeritus Professor of Literature & Eco-culture

This is a landmark contribution to Postcolonial Anglophone literary criticism. Labang’s invigorating criticism is a living testimony of the orchestrated symptoms of unpatriotic leadership which has deferred the historic destiny of the revered spirit of Nationalism inspired in the 1960s and early 70s. To the researcher, the scholar and the student teacher, this book is a springboard and will provide insight into the provocative debates surrounding nationhood and nationalism in contemporary Postcolonial African and Anglophone Cameroon Literature.

Dr. David Toh Kusi
University of Yaounde I (ENS)