THE PASSING WIND by Nol Alembong

The Passing Wind presents the message of a Cameroonian to his fellow Africans and mankind in general. In the wide-ranging impressive collection, Nol Alembong dilates on the hierarchy of the physical and spiritual components of man, underlining in the process that purity and integrity are foremost among the values that man ought to uphold. Like some of his predecessors, the author occasionally assumes the role of a critic, alerting Africans about the danger which misuse of power and injustice pose to their development. 

Professor Stella M.A. Johnson
University of Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria

This revised edition of The Passing Wind is written in accessible style and lends itself to a multiplicity of interesting readings. In it the poet’s diligence as a craftsman is foregrounded.

University of Yaounde 1 
Yaounde, Cameroon